Axie Infinity –
Arena Basics

Welcome to our Axie Infinity Arena Basics Guide. We’ll introduce you to the different class bonuses, general game mechanics, and show you how to deal up to 25% additional damage dependent on your class and the abilities you are using.


There are 9 different classes in Axie Infinity.  Three of these are special classes that do not have their own class cards (bodyparts). Therefore, they are not included in this guide (they basically just use other classes cards / bodyparts).

Class Advantages

The class of an Axie is important because each class is weak and strong against specific other classes. The Axie that has the class advantage will deal 15% additional damage and the Axie that has the class disadvantage will deal 15% less damage.

In addition, when an Axie of a certain class uses a card from its own class, it gets a 10% attack and shield bonus.
For example, a Plant Axie playing a plant card will receive an extra 10% attack/shield.

It is important to note that these bonuses stack.
An Aqua Axie using an Aqua card against a Beast target will do 25% (10% + 15%) more damage.


Axies use 4 stats:
Health, Morale, Skill and Speed.

  • Health: increases healthpool
  • Morale: increases critical strike chance and makes entering last stand more likely / adds more last stand “ticks.”
  • Skill: adds damage to multiple cards that are played at once (combo). The bonus damage is calculated like this: (card attack * skill )/ 500.
  • Speed: determines turn order (High Speed > Low Speed). Speed also increases critical strike resistance. If two Axies have the same speed, this is how attack order is determined: High speed > Low HP > High Skill > High Morale > Low Fighter ID.

An Axie’s stats are dependent on its class and body parts.
Each card will add stats based on the type:

  • Aquatic: +3 Speed, +1 HP
  • Beast: +3 Morale, +1 Speed
  • Bird: +3 Speed, +1 Morale
  • Bug: +3 Morale, +1 HP
  • Plant: +3 HP, +1 Morale
  • Reptile, +3 HP, +1 Speed

An Axie is considered pure when its class and all of its body parts are of the same type.

Secret Classes

There are three Secret Classes in Axie Infinity:

  • Mech: Offspring of a purebred Beast Axie and a purebred Bug Axie.
  • Dawn: Offspring of a purebred Plant Axie and a purebred Bird Axie.
  • Dusk: Offspring of a purebred Reptile Axie and a purebred Aquatic Axie.

The Secret Classes are hard to breed, because even if you got the specific combination of two purebred Axies, there is only a 33% chance to create a Secret Class when producing offspring.

Secret Classes benefit from class advantages and disadvantages, but they do not have their own Body Parts/Cards. Remember: when an Axie plays a card belonging to its class it gets a 10% shield/attack bonus. However, since there are no special class cards— secret classes cannot benefit from this. To compensate, the secret classes get different benefits when playing cards from the classes they share advantages/disadvantages with:

  • Dusk: 7.5% class bonus for Reptile & Plant cards.
  • Dawn: 7.5% class bonus for Bird & Aquatic cards.
  • Mech: 7.5% class bonus for Beast & Bug cards.

What Makes Secret Classes Different?

Secret Classes have different colors and base stats.

Class HP Speed Skill Morale
Dawn 35 35 39 31
Dusk 43 39 27 31
Mech 31 39 43 27