Axie Infinity
Huge Ban Wave

Ya’ll better quit acting up because Axie Infinity is NOT playing around. The popular NFT game’s COO and co-founder, Aleksander Larsen (aka Psycheout), posted on their official Discord server on Friday, September 10th, 2021 about an overnight ban wave. Apparently, there’s been an issue with players “sharing” axies to abuse the energy system for earning SLP, Axie’s Ethereum based token.

These energy abusers use up the energy allotted per day to complete the daily quest, then send the axie(s) to a “friend” to repeat the process on a different account. Now times that by a lot and we’ve got a problem. Larsen made it abundantly clear via his post that this goes against Axie Infinity’s terms of use and will result in a ban. Approximately 30,000 axies were affected, but not everyone was caught in time. Some of these abusers realized that they’d been found out and were able to quickly sell their axies at a low price before the ban was fully applied. Unfortunately for the buyers, those axies still received a ban, but it won’t be for long!

The Axie Infinity support team is combing through the data so that the appropriate axies will be banned and nonoffenders who just so happened to purchase an abused axie (poor babies) can use their newly sniped pets. So if you weren’t involved, rest assured, your new axie(s) will be unbanned without you having to do anything. The data will speak for itself.

Final Thoughts: If you give people an inch, they’ll take a mile. It seems to come with the territory wherever money is involved (*sigh*). But that’s not to say that we should just accept it. Abusive actions like these have a negative effect on the game’s economy and lowers the price of SLP over time. Axie Infinity is more than just a game; it’s an awesome community and a source of income! We want this game to stick around and thrive, not crash and burn. Thankfully, the Axie Infinity team is on it and taking measures to stop this from happening again in the future. Now quit trying to finesse the system and play the game with integrity, people!