Blankos Block Party –
Starter Guide

Blankos Block Party is a multiplayer party game featuring playable characters known as Blankos. Blankos and the system around it live on the blockchain; the transparent and secure digital ledger technology. From a gamer’s perspective, Blankos feels and plays like Mario Party. It’s a fun, friendly, and community-based crypto NFT game that allows players to earn their own Blankos and Accessories through the party pass. Players have the option to buy into Blankos through their in-game store and limited minted releases of Blankos have the potential to skyrocket in value! Check out Blankos Block Party for your first “free-to-play” NFT game!

How to min / max your party pass completion:

Dog Fight FFA

  1. Use your Dash (Q) from Trickle Blankos to get out of Spawn Point
  2. Use your Jetpack to get to the Sniper Rifle at the top of the map
  3. Jump down to the base level
  4. Camp a corner facing the Spawn Point
  5. Snipe heads and spawn camp for as many kills as possible
  6. Rinse and repeat

Checker Drop

  1. Use your Dash (Q) from Trickle Blanko to get to the first drop
  2. Angle your camera to look down
  3. Tap on your Jetpack (V) to avoid fall damage / stun
  4. Utilize your Dash (Q) + Jetpack (V) + Jumps before landing on platforms
  5. Rinse and repeat

Train Runners

  1. Use your Dash (Q) from Trickle Blanko to get to the first lines of vibes
  2. Use the path provided in the image below