What is potatofish?
Potatofish is a central hub for all your NFT-gaming needs. Whether you’re a beginner trying to get into the NFT-gaming scene or a more seasoned gamer who is already familiar with NFT-gaming and wants to improve, we believe that we can help you succeed in your goals.

When did potatofish get founded?
Potatofish was founded in August 2021.

How did potatofish come about?
Potatofish was founded by a group of gamer-friends that were tired of spending countless amounts of hours into gaming, and spending money on in-game assets that have no retail market value. Gaming is a hobby – but it can be so much more. The founders of potatofish.gg strongly believe that NFT-gaming is the future of the world. PLAY TO EARN IS THE WAY!

How many members are there in the Official potatofish team?
There are currently 5 members on the official potatofish team, all of which are active participants, and are currently invested in the NFT-gaming scene.

What are potatofish’s plans?
Potatofish has many plans that are currently being worked on. First and foremost, we would like to officially launch our site, and maintain a community, with active members following us on Discord & Twitter. We have plans to eventually mint our own NFTs, and grow into a brand in the world of NFT-gaming. We’re all super stoked about this! In addition, we will be working on education & coaching for anyone interested in min-maxing NFT games with us. Potatofish merchandise coming soon!

Why is potatofish in the NFT Crypto scene?
Potatofish is in the NFT crypto scene because we believe in it. As experienced gamers, we know what attracts other gamers. We have no doubt in our minds that the world is changing – and this NFT crypto scene will play a big role in that. We want to make money playing video games, and we feel like it is our obligation to share the advanced methods/guides that we’ve created with other gamers like us.