Call to arms

Our team at is HYPED about the future of NFT gaming and what it has to offer! We’re currently exploring all established titles that we know of, or find out about. As you navigate our website, you’ll see information about Axie Infinity, Blankos Block Party, and Guild of Guardians. We’re constantly testing out other NFT-inspired titles, such as Embersword, SATvival, Lightnite, The Sandbox, Decentraland and Plants vs. Undead – we will bring you more information on these games as we continue in our exploration of them. We are committed to delving into this new genre of NFT gaming and bringing all the information that we acquire straight to you!

If you have any information on new and emerging games that you think we should spend some time exploring, please comment below, or join our community discord (located on the top right corner of our website) and let us know!

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