Axie Infinity-
Deep Dive #02 – Week 39
Plant – Beast – Bird

Gameplan | Wincondition:

Fast pace energy-efficient damage output


  • Solid allround Strategy
  • Easy to start with potential for outplays
  • Quick Games


  • Might get Stale to play

Basic Set:

Serious – Cactus – Pumpkin – Hot Butt

Nut Crack – Imp – Ronin – Nut Crack

Doubletalk – Eggshell – Pidgeon Post – The Last One


Good Against:

  • Tank comps

Bad Against:

  • Aqua’s in general
    (Plant Aqua Aqua Tripple Aqua semi mirror Plant beast aqua)<
  • Bug Bunny Chains


Most of the matchups you are facing are quite balanced and rely on card draws.
The actual Beast build is rather interchangeable for any sort of high damage output variants:

e.g.: Nut Crack / Dual Blades / Ronin / Nut Crack ; Axie Kiss / Dual Blades / Jaguar / Hare
Rimp-Nut is the most common set during this time even though it probably isn’t the best one.

Good Tech Cards depending on what you are facing:

Little Owl, Hare, Fish Snack, Goda

Little Owl for Backdoor access. against mirror matchups or double aqua but can be generally good for outplay potential.

Hare on the bird for more type coverage against reptile/dusk

Fish Snack+Goda potentially on beast if you are really struggling with aqua comps