Blankos Block Party
First 10k Mint Sold!

Blankos Block Party’s first #10,000 mint sold for $10,000 USD today! Who bought this thing????
Blankos Block Party’s latest monthly Blanko, the Klown, launched at the start of September, and will be on sale for the duration of the month. During this time, any player can purchase the Klown either through the in-game marketplace, for about $10 USD, or in the aftermarket for slightly more. Mint numbers are assigned and increase as more Blankos are purchased from the in-game store during the month. The Klown is what we call an “unlimited monthly release.” This Blanko will be infinitely available, but only until a certain date – this is different than Blanko drops such as Professor Meowingtons, Burger San, and Pug Life, which come out at a set time & date with a certain max amount of mints available.
August’s monthly Blanko, ATOM.atn, reached a total of 9,461 mints, not quite reaching the 10k mark. With the game’s population increasing, it was no surprise that the Klown would surpass 10k. As you can see by the title, the first #10,000 mint in the game sold for $10,000 USD today on the Mythical Market.


Who was courageous enough to make this purchase…………….? It was Mythical themselves! They tweeted right after purchasing the #10,000 circus performer, saying the following:

One lucky Blankos player made $10,000 off of his lucky snipe, from the creators of the game themselves! The #10,000 Klown is now listed again in the Mythical Market – let’s see if this bad boy sells!

The CEO of Mythical Games, went on to tweet the following from his personal Twitter:

This clearly rattled up members of the Blankos Block Party community, as they instantly started memeing about forming groups when the time comes, in order to pool together for the first #100,000 Blanko.

The exciting takeaway from all of today’s action is: The game is growing at a fast pace. Only half-way into the sale of the Klown, we’ve already hit over 10k mints. What does the future have in hold for Blankos Block Party? What are the 1,000 mint number Blankos like Professor Meowingtons, and <400 mints like Sergeant Poppy going to go for in the future, once more people start being introduced to this game?

We can assume whatever we want – but the truth is that we need to wait and see. This has been a very exciting experience for us, and we want to continue sharing with our community!