NFT Gaming:
An Unlikely Investor

I’ve never considered myself a gamer. That label always felt like it belonged more to hardcore MMORPG players, but I’m learning that nowadays, it’s a pretty inclusive term. You don’t have to be an expert level player to be a part of the community (*gasp*). But I do have to admit that I still get intimidated. I’m a 30 year old millennial who used a typewriter until my Junior year of high school and wasn’t allowed to use the computer growing up, so yeah, homegirl is a little behind. When I heard that older generations were getting on board with NFT gaming, I decided that I didn’t want to be left in their dust (I swear that pun wasn’t intended) and abandoned my pen and paper to venture out into the unknown. Honestly, it’s been a struggle at times, but good thing fate was on my side and delivered a squad of tech wizards straight to my computer screen. Probably doesn’t hurt that I live with one, too (techy gamer S.O.’s FTW!).

I got introduced to a Pokemon inspired blockchain game called, Axie Infinity, in late July of this year. My partner first became a scholar for one of his friends and as I saw him play, my interest was piqued. He let me try out his team and get a feel for the game, which I immediately loved. I mean, who wouldn’t?! The axies are cute af (most of them lol) and the game is fun. And of course there’s that whole play-to-earn thing. That made the game super attractive to me. Stay at home to play a game and make money, you say? Hellz yeah, sign me up! Never in a million years did I think I would get involved with online gaming and definitely not crypto, but here we are, balls deep in the Lunacian world of Axie Infinity. Now my boyfriend and I both have our own teams, have a couple of scholars, and have even started breeding our axies. Yeah, huge leap from where I was just a few months ago (who am I???). I do want to mention that I did have funds saved up that I intended to invest in some way. My circumstances happened to align with the opportunity that presented itself, so keep that in mind. Don’t let FOMO get the best of you and put you in a tight spot because you impulse bought hundreds of dollars worth of axies (hint: axie prices are actually really low right now).

What convinced me to take the dive? I’m usually not a financial risk taker, but after getting hooked on the game and seeing its growth in popularity, I just felt in my gut that this was something I needed to get in on. Plus, seeing how psyched my boyfriend and his friends (aka the potatofish gang) were about this new technology further convinced me. Yes, I’m aware that this method of decision making doesn’t suit everyone. Some people need hard facts, some need the vibe to be right, and some need a little of both. I fell into the third category and so far, so good! But I do want to stress that investing in your own team does come with risks. There’s the initial investment cost, but there’s also the uncertainty and volatility of the crypto market. You’ve got to weigh out the pros and cons to decide what you’re comfortable with because that looks different for everyone. At the end of the day, no one truly knows where this world of crypto and NFT gaming are headed. And although it’s unlikely, the game could vanish tomorrow. My advice is if you’re uncomfortable and can’t get onboard with the possible risks, then don’t force it. Not everything is meant for everyone. However, I will also say that sometimes the greatest risks reap the greatest rewards. I guess we’ll see how that pans out for me…

Want to be blessed like me and get help from professionals? You’re in the right place because offers plenty of in-depth guides, info, and live coaching. They have their own Discord server you can join, as well, which is really helpful. Seriously though, the coaching changed my life (shout out: 1ogic, Sense., and Pray). Don’t be shy! Join us on this exciting new journey of NFT gaming. The potatofish team wants to help you and see you succeed. I’m living proof of that. But if you’re not quite ready to make a financial commitment, you can always just come chill with us in the server. The Axie Infinity team will soon be introducing a free demo version for people to play before making any economic decisions. It’s the safer option, as long as you don’t mind waiting.

Final Thoughts: To NFT game or to not NFT game, that is the question…Idk, it’s your money. You tell me! With regards to Axie Infinity: Are you comfortable making a financial commitment of at least $500 + usd? Are you okay with potentially never seeing that money again? Do you understand that the market is not currently stable and that your assets could (and most likely) will fluctuate in value often? Are you excited or bewildered by the idea of buying/selling digital assets? These are all things to consider before getting involved. As someone who I would not consider technologically savvy, I can tell you from experience that it’s been a huge learning opportunity. That alone has proven to be of value. My world is expanding and I can’t wait to see where I’m at with all of this in a year’s time. I know even a few months from now will look vastly different. Now I’m just waiting for my very first rig to arrive so the bf and I can put it together (awwwe, baby aqua is growing up before your very eyes *sheds single tear*).