potatofish Scholarship Guidelines


Honesty is our number one priority. Unfortunately the world needs rules here are ours.


  1. Respect everyone, we are all here to make money while having fun.
  2. Only 1 scholarship per person, real money was used to buy the Axies you are borrowing, getting them banned is a loss of that money.
  3. The Axie Team is the team you get and stay with. Upgrades may happen from time to time.
  4. We help each other out by motivating everyone in the team, we do this by being active on our discord server and hanging out with good vibes
  5. Be Positive. Any problems need to be fixed fast with your manager or co-scholars.
  6. Treat this opportunity as you would a real job, let managers know if your internet or devices are not working. If you know you can’t make the 150 SLP daily target for a specific day talk to your manager ASAP.
  7. Cheating of any kind is forbidden and there is a zero-tolerance policy on anyone found guilty of the crime. Play for real, play it safe!
  8. All scholars selling axies or helping to sell Axies will not use potatofish name to legitimize that sale.
  9. Most importantly, this is a job where you play a video game so have some fun 😀

Payment Plan

  1. The day you start your contract with potatofish your Axie Infinity login was made that same day. By default Axie Infinity has a waiting period of 14 days for all new accounts. Also a 14 waiting period for every claim after that.
  2. All payments are through SLP and will be Ronin to Ronin. The first payday may be as long as 3.5 weeks for the first pay day but after that it will be every two weeks.
  3. In the event that you GHOST potatofish and we can’t reach you within 3 days, we will flag your account and wait until the 4th and final day. If we do not hear from you by the 4th day we will assume you have abandoned your contract to be a scholar and will lose your place as well as forfeit any remaining SLP earned on that account.
  4. Our pay plan is based on SLP. As the game progresses we will reserve the right to update the pay plan if potatofish is not able to breed more Axie and grow. At the end of the Arena PVP Season and before a new season starts we will talk with top Scholars and potatofish leaders in the program here to ensure we stay fair with compensation if any changes are made. We will only consider changing the plan in the middle of a season if the rewards are changed by Axie Infinity.

Application and Training Process

After applying with potatofish several things happen.

We check to see if you are a good fit with us, this includes but not limited to skills such as; communication, team work, following directions, integrity, honesty and more. Possess the ability to learn and are dedicated as well as hard working. We look and see if you are near any current potatofish members or potatofish leader. Currently employed or not.

Then we will conduct interviews. Once you have been chosen to be one of our potatofish scholars – you are more than halfway there.

The next step is our 5 day training course. Our potatofish scholars will receive 2 hours of instructor lead teaching and training aka coaching sessions.

Our class size may vary from time to time we add extra scholars to the training. Below is one example on how it can work. We will only add 2 extra per class at this time.

Class Example

We have accepted 8 new potatofish scholars but there are only 6 Axie Teams available, making only 6 scholarships available for this class. We will teach the whole class and anticipate that. They will all pass but depending on engagement, homework, class participation and final quiz only 6 will be awarded the available scholarships.